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I think i'm depressive. I don't like to say this, I don't want to be like 'oh, look at how miserable I am, now give me attention!' but I'm empty. Since 5 years it's sometimes better, sometimes worse but the feeling of rather being dead than living this live (that hasn't been that bad at all) never goes away. I think this emptiness and lack of emotions might have its origin in the violent and aggressive surrounding I've been living in for 16 years (I'm 20,f) but I'm at a point in my live where I've learned living with this depression so well, that nobody ever notices and I don't see the reason to change anything, I'm scared of the changes and the things I would have to face if I dealt with it the way I probably should. And I hate being weak and admitting that I have a problem.

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  • Admitting that you have a problem is the complete opposite of being weak.

  • You need to be in a better relationship

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