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I am jealous that my boyfriend is 'married' to a female friend in an mmorpg game. He refuses to play with me, and says it's only for gaming perks and housing. If that was true, why does he refuse to be 'married' to a male friend?

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  • Lol reminded me when bernadette caught howard wollowitz having virtual sex in one of those games

  • Well I think that he does not want to be teased as gay, I hope you understand that part where he does not want to be married with a male, but I also dislike the part of him being married to a female friend, why dont you try that game too? I was once married' to my ex on audition dance online, and if that time he was married to another girl, I am really going to hate him. I know it is wrong to think bad about this small stuff, but I understand you situation. The only solution is accept it, or do something about it, maybe you'll enjoy the game and it will be a part of your bonding.

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