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Guys, I'm confused with myself. I don't know whats goin on with me. I feel like I dont love my gf anymore. I'd like to do anything that I could. With her, I feel like I can't do anything. I have to keep her acompany all day, otherwise she would tell me that she was really sad and she need me all the time. Also she would said that I dont love her if I go hang out with my friends. What should I do? I love her but I dont like being something like this. I just want to enjoy my youth man

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  • your pussy wiped. Grow a pair!

  • It seems like she is a bit unstable and totally dependent on you. You want a girlfriend, not a puppy. If you want this relationship to succeed (remember, IF, you can break up if you don't), then you can tell her you will need more space and that she needs to have other things to do than just be with you all day.

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