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So.. idk how this works so here goes.. my boyfriend and I have been dating since my birthday this year. I moved and no we had an argument about it and didn't talk for three months.. I thought we were over and norge mentioned started only hanging out with this other guy.. we had sex and he completely ditched me and I haven't heard from him in and norge mentioned month... the previous bf calls me saying that his life has been situated and all that and calls me his boo and all again.. I'm really really happy that andndrguementndgainccording to him we were still going out but I still don't think it's right I never heard from him.. his phone was shut off and and I had a few emails from him in an email I haven't used for two years... either way I have to bring up what happened... I had a few ppl tell me it technically wasn't cheating, and one say it definitely was... I need opinions.. I'm telling him tomorrow for sure, no matter what, even if it splits us again, he has a right to know

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  • It's good that you're telling him. I think you did nothing wrong, you were under the impression that you were not together at all, you should mention that too. If he doesn't talk to you for three months over a petty argument then you really should find someone better. It should not take more than a few hours at the very most to get over any problems.

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