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It seems to me that a young lady in my class seems to be attracted to me. Every time our eyes meet (even while simply making eye-contact during conversation as we all do), she would smile the most dazzling smile and look down at her work, or look away... She dresses very provocatively on the days when we have class together (short shorts and revealing outfits), and the distance between us seems to be shrinking more and more every day. She stands closer to me when we talk, and she has moved to a spot in the class that is closer to me than when our classes started this year... I am only a few years older than she is (around 2 or 3), but the problem is that I am the teacher... I don't know what to do... I need advice!

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  • hahaha lol wasn't expecting that plot twist. man 2 or 3 years is nothing just bang her. i'm sure you two will enjoy and be happy.

  • Go for it

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