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Everything seems to be going wrong right now. My grandma is in hospital, my aunt was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer, my parents are splitting up and on top of this I have an exam that, if I fail, will kick me out of uni next week, and can't get myself to study. I fell back into my Ed and I just want to cry all of this out, but I can't, and haven't got anybody to talk to because I'm always "the strong one" -my bf is far away and suffers from depression, he doesn't grasp how terrible I feel.

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  • There are things you can't control, but there are others you can. Study! Force yourself. Study for 15 min, take a break, study again and so on. Set some goals ( i.e read 30 pages per day) and stick to them. I hope everything will turn out right for you! Cheers!

  • I hope you feel better soon. I can only offer a prayer and I will do just that.

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