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So I'm going to break up with my boyfriend tomorrow, he literally keeps picking this gay friend over me, how lame. It all started when I moved in with my boyfriend and his gay friend. I was new to the country and very shy and lonely as you can imagine, yet this friend did all he could to exclude me from any conversations or events in general, trying to keep all of them just between my boyfriend and him. He then went as far to suggest that my boyfriend and him should a bed and that I should sleep on the coach! My boyfriend kept saying he was joking yet whenever my boyfriend even gave me a cuddle he would glare coldly or make a comment. He would also approach me if my boyfriend wasn't there and tell me about the girls my boyfriend had liked before me in an effort for me to break up with him and just stir shit in general. It's ridiculous, I feel like I'm dealing with a jealous ex girlfriend or something, so creepy. Yet still my boyfriend chooses to pick that loser over me, not even bothering to talk to him about it, even though I've told him everything and how crappy it makes me feel.

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  • You don't have a "boyfriend's gay roommate" problem, you have a boyfriend problem. If he does not stick up for you now, he probably never will.

  • Thanks for the advice everyone, this guy is pretty weird in general e.g. he's gone to rehab beforeand is a clingy person in general but can be 'fun at times' according to my byf, who's still reluctant to do anything about it, even though I've told him. He even now realises that this guys actions towards him are weird yet still he continues to let this happen. That's the worst part of it all, my boyfriend let's this happen. For example the other night there was a big festival - really exciting and they just left together, didn't even invite me. Plus my boyfriend keeps smoking pot like everynight even though he promised me he wouldn't and it's because he friend keeps offering him it, even though this 'friend' knows about the promise my boyfriend made me.

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