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A letter to my unborn children. I never got to meet either of you, and it does often make me wonder what my life would've been like with you. I wonder if you would've been a boy, or a girl, if maybe you'd have my eyes and your fathers nose. I wonder if you liked old cartoons, or if you preferred waffles to cereal. It seems silly, but I miss you. I didn't get to meet you. To my first one, I want you to know that, I was only 15. I didn't even know you were in my belly and I had no idea that it had happened, but one day, you surprised me and decided to leave without me even being aware you were conceived. To my second, I knew you existed for a month before I lost you. I was scared, but also felt at peace. I wanted to tell your daddy, but then he decided to move, and out of grief and shock I cried, I cried so much and then, in the middle of the night yu decided to leave me too, I don't blame you. I only would want a perfect life for you and I couldn't have given it to you. I never got to meet you, and I'm sorry for that, but I'll always think of you.

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  • I remember my wife's miscarriage. We were so eager to have a child. I was already talking to her stomach at nearly 2 months we lost my child. We've had two more since, but this will always be something to me. I recall in early Christian Literature there was an Orthodox Apocalypse of Peter in the first century that never made Canon. In the surviving Remnants we have in three languages it says that Jesus showed a vision to Peter on the mount of olives telling him that children who miscarried are raised by angels to adulthood and live in paradise where they are comforted. I wonder if maybe just maybe it is true and I will see him one day.

  • bullshit

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