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Am i the only one who gets really annoyed when people want to show me pictures of their little trips? Its always stupid pictures too. "Heres a picture of this door, theres a picture of me and the door, here is the doors detail, this is what was behind the door" its even more annoying when they try to make up funny captions for each photo and expect you to laugh.

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  • I hate it, too. Especially when it`s coming from people that want to brag. Dude, just because I keep to myself and I don`t give out all details about my trip doesn`t mean I`ve never been anywhere. As a matter of fact, I`ve seen most of Europe, with small exceptions. Some countries I`ve seen twice. But I don`t feel the need to show people where I`ve been. They`re frustrated with their usually boring lives so when something out of the ordinary happens, they want everyone to know.

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