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I had a weird sexual encounter one night a few yeras back. I was on vacation by myself for the first time and I went backpacking in to live the old country life for a while. I had my tent set up in camping area and close to my tent there was a rental house with a couple in it, two very beautifull people on vacation. That night it got really cold outside, and I was freezing. The woman of the two people zipped up my tent and asked to kindly come inside and I did. I hung out with them til the late hours and we shared a bottle of whisky On the morning I woke up with the lady wrapped around me and i thought that I had helped her cheat on her man, so plenty of questions ran through my head. Eventually she said;" dude, you where great last night " I did not like the sound of that. From behind me her man came up and said;" hell yeah you were! " and they high-fived each other... I was laying there like a jackass wondering what the fuck just happened. and they said;" The radiator broke late last night and you tried to fix it but you could not since you where pretty hammered, so we had a threesome instead to keep warm" Today I still have no memory of it.

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  • Hahahaha best troll ever!

  • lolololol thanks for the laugh tonight! needed it :]

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