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My crippling fear of failure, instilled by a mother who used to tell me I`m wortless, makes my anxiety go through the roof everytime I`m assigned a task at my workplace. Previous experience has shown I`m smart enough to deal with everything thrown my way so far, but still..my first thought when I`m given something is "OMG, what if I can`t do it?". Also, this fear of failure prevents me from participating in group actions. I`d rather fail in front of one person, instead of several... Thing is: I haven`t failed so far at anything I had to do, but this doesn`t change the fact that I`m insecure. Thanks, mom. You crippled me.

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  • You're not alone.I feel you bro/sis. But this is how I'm getting over it. People have two mindsets: 1. fixed thinkers who think they either have it or don't. (a.k.a. why try if I'm not gonna be good at it anyway thinkers) 2. the growth thinkers (I'm not good at it yet, but if I try hard, I'll get closer to my goal). I understand how crippling the fear of failing is, along with the fear of rejection and that if you don't achieve the goal, you won't be loved. But rest assured, that you are indeed loved. And failing is not a bad thing and should never be considered a bad thing. It's getting stuck and not growing which is bad. Dare yourself to try more. Face your fears. The result (whether you win or lose) will feel as if it in itself is rewarding. Because you became a better person than who you were before you tried. Good luck and God bless, my friend

  • I FEEL THIS WAY TOO! Only when my wife and in laws believed in me did I start accomplishing things again. In Psyche class in school I read that parents can teach "learned helplessness" There is an experiment where they teach it to a dog with electrical shocks. look it up you will see what happened if it is like me.

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