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a guy i used to date, is blackmailing me. like, when we we're dating, ofc ill admit i sent him some nudes. now, he says he has saved them, and if i dont send more he'll put them online. this really concerns me, with the fact i got a boyfriend now, and idk im scared that would ruin our chances. idk, i have blocked that guy everywhere now, but im still scared, will he really do that? i mean geez, he even got a girlfriend.

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  • the nudes are gone already girl do not let him control u w. that. that's his way of holding on to you.. tell your bf the truth and move on... NO MORE CONTACT W. THE EX and before you stop tell him no more or you will contact the police. revenge porn is illegal in 16 states now

  • Just dontr send ur nudes and your ok

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