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How is it that whenever I'm feeling like sh*t, got a problem, just sad in general none of my friends seem to show that they care? I've always been there to cheer them up and give advice. I set my own problems aside to listen to theirs! I look after them, remind them to take medicine when they're sick or to wear something warmer since its gotten colder. Now I'm in a really bad situation, no one listens to what I say. They just ignore me. Cut me off when I'm talking. I feel lonely. I feel tired. I can't keep on doing this any more.

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  • relationships can be like that. and it's difficult to establish ones that are true and selfless. the only advice i can give is to find SOMEONE anyone to vent to, even if it's what you've done here. try to find someone in a chat room.....as shady as that can be...it doesn't have to be anything serious but maybe try going to a chat room and seeing if you connect with anyone...it doesn't have to be sexual.

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