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I can only feel hatred, anger towards my parents. I can't believe I'm already in my 20s and still living with them. I'm this useless, naïve, stupid, introvert piece of crap they created. They never let me live my life like everyone else. My entire adolescense was spent at home and if I ever wanted to go out with "friends", even if I was 18+, I had to tell them exactly who I was going with, where, do what, and at what time I was going and coming back. I was always afraid to get home even 5min later because of the consequences. I fought, and fought hard, to go to university in another city and they let me. My first "adventures" exploring the world outside were so amazing that I discovered what it was like to go out at night, to parties, to be free. And I also learned the hard way that not everyone is what they seem. I was betrayed in such an awful manner by a few people I considered my friends and fell into a deep depression, had a nervous break down and came back home. What I can say is that my life couldn't get any worse than it is now. They spit it to my face almost every day and remind me of what a terrible failure and loser I am and push me even deeper down the hole I'm in. They don't let me do anything. I want to find a job but they practically insult me, say I'm useless, that I can't do anything right and the only thing I do is to lock myself in my room and stare at the walls because I've gotten to a point where I can't even cry anymore. I can only see one way out of this whole shit and I don't even know if they'd actually miss me if I did it. I'm done of all of their psychological maltreatment.

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  • Focus your energy into learning some valuable skill, like programming or graphics design off of the Internet. My parents were extra protective when I was your agr and way older. I protested it but today, in my mid 30s I'm considered too successful compared to my peers. I value my parents for what they did, without their strictness I won't be where I am today. At the times I was told I was useless I picked up English as a second language, self taught me programming and guitar player as well as music notation. Point is, no one can make you feel down without your consent. Be the master of your destiny

  • try becoming public server on your city, its not all that much but you may get a better life.

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