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I'm 24 and still with them (strict parents), never tried any night out, the only night out I had was when my hospital duty in school was up to 11pm but was dismissed early around 8 so I had the chance to go to a night market, lol of all the places! But anyway it was fun. Looking at YT vids, of "strict parents" show I was like.. Meh. The parents there are not even in the level of strictness of my parents. They are even allowed to drink, which is a big no for mine, Tried it twice, got caught the second and my mom smelled it and slapped my face real hard and to think that I only drunk 1 small glass lol. The parents in those show are actually really nice, they're just establishing rules like cleaning the house or helping with chores (which is common to me), and they even let you smoke/drink/party but have a time limit. While my time limit is up to 6 pm if I went out, of course except those times when I was in college. I don't know what to feel anymore. But I still have a few true close friends which is nice.

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  • Why didn't you move out six years ago?! You must like it

  • Wow 24 with a 6pm curfew? That's just tormenting! But some cultures are like that. Parenting never ends! I'm middle eastern and 41 and my mother still tells me what to do and how to raise my kids. She treats me like im stupid. And your story kind of hit a nerve with me. Just nod, agree, and then do whatever you want lol the worse thing you can do is over think things in your solitary confinement. If you have access to talk to some kind of counsellor at school or something, you should go get some insight.

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