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So im at the point to where i hate my job so much that while i was taking a bath i was seriously thinking of slitting my wrists. I had the razor just against my skin but that was it. The company i work for...extremely well known company...i might add...just makes me feel like i am nothing...im the scum in a dumpster nothing. I hate them so much. They do not care what so ever either. I really wish they would go out of business but thats extremely far from hapoening because theyre so common and everyone shops there.. Just another brick in the wall.

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  • Why do you care? It's just an employer. it's not a spouse or a child or a human being. If the store you shop at closed you would go elsewhere, in the same way if you died your employer would buy labor from someone else.

  • Find another job. Or be such a good smartass with your job become the best employee they have ever had then when something better comes along and leave showing them you made a better for their business. Just remember you work for a big company, they can not be so concern about how you get treated because you can quickly be replaced by some one who can handle being treated as just another number. Echo (since you want to end on pink Floyd)

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