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From the ages of 18 to 21 I friendzoned a girl. When I was all alone I met her in an academic competition. We had everything in common. We pushed each other to achieve better things. She was smart, fun, even a virgin, but the problem? I just wasn't attracted to her. She wasn't ugly or anything. Not my type I guess. I knew she liked me and I never dated her. I think I even led her on a bit always lending her my jacket, getting the door, and night drives through the city, I just didn't want to lose my ONLY friend. Eventually I dated someone else and she moved away. I got married and she is still single last I checked. My wife says she had a suitor once who she really liked, he was smart and sweet over texting but when they met he was so butt ugly she stood him up. My wife says it's all for the best since we have each other, but I still feel guilty not being able to love my loyal friend who stood by me when everyone else thought I was lame. I adore my wife, but I feel like I took advantage of my best friend.

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  • The worst thing ever is when you know that the other person have feelings for you and you keep doing those gestures that gives them hope, just because you needed the company, you have no idea how much that hurts, it happened to me more than once and it still hurts, till this day i hate myself for being so stupid and hopeful with that type of men. When im not attracted to a man and i know they like me, i just cut off contact i dont stay around and act all sweet making them more attached which makes the rejection even more hurtful

  • Its sweet to admit that. But i think there is nothing you could do for her. Its not your fault if you werent attracted to her. But maybe you have a friend who would be great for her ;-) ?

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