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I just want to vent right now: My best friend, who is also my ex, i feel like she's ignoring me at times. like i would try to talk to her but all i get is "mhmm" or she will say no. like its weird that she does that, she usually never does that and it bothers me, i know if i tell her she will just give me some bullshit excuse saying that nothing is wrong or that she just wants to be alone. she's always on the phone now too. so in my head, im just saying "f**k it" and i somewhat distance myself from her. this girl helped me out a lot and now it just feels like she's not there. I don't know what i should do or if i should do anything at all until she asks me whats wrong. either way, im just bothered. and now my dad is complaining about how i dropped some bread because i didn't hold it properly. if the f**king container was closed properly, it wouldn't have fell in the first place, i love my dad but he does too much when it comes to bitching over something so small. oh well, i feel somewhat better about venting but its whatever.

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  • that is like the same situation with me and my ex. Except it is the otherway around I guess. Like- I am the one who types the "mmhmm" because I simply find some of the things she says annoying sometimes or I just don't want to talk to her. Oh and I also find it annoying when she corrects my grammar.. so that is why I reply that to her... maybe that will help your situation??

  • Lol venting is good, you probably feel better. Just hang out with her, texting a lot can wear some one out cause sometimes you just need to have contact. Go out with her and hang out on a fun day. Road trip some where and sing like crazy to the radio, go to a museum and discuss what you see and such, hang out over at your place or hers and watch videos or play games all day. If she still acts distance then something is wrong and ya just need to talk about it, but if ahe acts normal then she just needed to see you and hang out. Try sending stupid funny stuff to her trying to get her to laugh. Its cute and when people are in a happy mood like that they tend to open up more. Good luck. Dont worry about your dad, he's just probably having a b.s. day too and venting off to whoever was in his cross hairs.

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