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Im a straight girl and at my work i think this lesbian has a crush on me..shes mean to everyone else in my department but me and randomly asks me for hugs..ive only known her for 2 weeks and shes already pretty friendly. I have nothing against lgbt people..ive been around it my whole life and i accept and support it. I have had sex with a girl before but i was drunk and really horny. I just am not sure how to handle if a girl wanted me..id be pretty flattered but id rather just be friends. I could be over exaderating this, but it really isnt really coworker like behavior so early into knowing someone.

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  • Or, she's manipulating you into thinking she likes you, so she can turn around and treat you the same way she treats everyone else

  • I am a bisexual that has a crush on a straight girl and from this perspective i would say you dont have to do anything,i think she knows and just wants to be friends..

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