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I had a moment of weakness my girlfriend and I were having trouble, and we were living in different states, I ran into someone i had like for a long time and she ended up liking me too. And we ended up falling for each other but I broke it off cause i did love my girlfriend, but i still wonder what would've been with the other girl.

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  • If you feel so do a favor and live this romance with this orher girl my ex got confused like you I set him free he had a shott lived romamce with the other girl and came back begging me to take him back, different pwople have different stories...It helped him see truly who he wanted so in the end it was worth it for him, me I stayed single and dwcided to not get uses like that if he had problwms abd confusions like that mayne he was not ready for a commited rwlationship and in this sense I declined his ;ffer of being back together. I am not waiting for him but I am not rushing anything, the grass seems always greener on the ;ther side with the other girl but bro, each had her flaws and each her qualitues you cant have both

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