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I am the eldest child (girl) in my family. I love my little brother, he is so similar to my and that`s why we get along well. But there is also my younger sister we have about 1,5 years age cap. We get along but recently she has become very air-headed. She looks fake with her too much makeup and hair colors that obviously do not suit her. Plus, she started dating this guy who I dont like at all. For example they came to visit and all they did was, make out on my couch. I saw that guy was horny and touching my sister. I can understand that they like each other but jeesh! not in my house. After that I havent spoken with her. Because I was disgusted. She has become everything I hate about girls. I hope she dumps him and come to her senses.

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  • Wow, judging her much? She probably is a little gross but aren't we all .. just in our own shifty ways..

  • its a phase

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