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So there's this guy i've been talking to. We've known each other since we were little. But we started seriously talking about a year ago. We've been basically dating the whole time. I can go to him with anything. My dad used to abuse me so i would go to him when i was uspet or scared. And i would go to his house at night and we'd just cuddle until morning. And yeah we've had sex a couple times. He's a really sweet guy. But we hadnt talked for a while and i developed feelings for another guy . Now he's talking to me again and i dont know if i still have feelings for him or not. I dont know what to to. They're both sweet and they both care about me. I need advice.

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  • Clearly you're just using men to validate yourself. Be single for a while. You don't need a man to be fulfilled. Grow up.

  • Choose the current one. If your feelings are loyal to the 1st guy, you wont look for another.

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