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I think I'm fat. (As a girl) I feel like my stomach is way too big, and I feel as if I'm unattractive. I work out often, hardcore military training workouts. Haven't lost weight or even looked any better to myself. How can I get a flatter stomach and be healthy? (Btw: 5 foot 3 inches. 150lbs.)

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  • You should get those calorie counting apps and minimize your calorie intake to 1200 cal. Drink about four liters of water per day. Eat more protein to have more muscle mass because muscles burn the fat. Yeah and remember that 1gram of fat in nutritional labels have 9 calories.

  • 80/20 rule. Aim for 80% of your diet to be veggies. The rest should include a lot of protein but some carbs are fine.. potato preferably. Work outs are only 20% of the equation.. 80/20 rule again. Also, sleep is as important as working out. If you're not asleep by 10 at the latest you may as well have just eaten KFC. All diets are ultimately another version of this. No one ever got or stayed fat by eating broccoli and carrots. It's impossible. Once you've eaten a pile of those nothing is even tempting. Don't be shy to eat fat and butter too, preferably not vegetable oil, and Def not deep fried, just fat in meats etc. It's good for you, go your hardest so long as you've had a bowl of broccoli first. Cut carbs next if you have to. Oh and NO sugar.

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