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So my mother is a literal sociopath. I'll skip the traumatic childhood and move to adulthood. She tried to talk my wife out of marrying me, tried to talk her into divorcing me, and when we decided to have a kid she offered to get her an abortion in secret saying her loyalty was with her because SHE was a woman. My wife luckily has loyalty to me. Well after her sabotaging several real estate deals I bought a house against her will in another city. I begged her to stop harassing my wife every day. She stormed out saying she never wanted to see me again. She moved in the 18 year old bastard of her live in fuck buddy and promptly spent almost ten thousand US dollars buying him lavish gifts (she lives in a trailer) trying to make me jealous thinking that would hurt me. She told an entire town some bullshit story about me kicking her out "for being poor" Now she wants to see my kid and said she wont stop lying to people until I let her do so. I can't do that. I can't endanger my son who she would just use as a pawn to hurt me. I can't risk him being influenced by this monster. Am I wrong?

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  • sounds like more like an overt narcissist than a sociopath

  • I would slap the fuck out of my mom if she did that and my mom is my world

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