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I've always had this wierd tendency to just cut people off without a single feeling of remorse or second thoughts. It doesn't even matter how close we were or for how long. If you just annoy me or I don't feel like being around you anymore, I kinda feel a *snip* in my head, and all emotional connections I have to that person are severed. People around me say that it's horrible because I never tell the other person why I cut them off. To be honest, I disagree with them because I don't feel the obligation to explain myself to people I no longer care about.

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  • I get it, but if you tell someone you still want to hang or whatever but you end up just cutting them off, tell them, have some respect

  • I do that alot too, just because I lack the abilty to tolerate things that annoy me and pretend to smile and care. You start to annoy me, or I start to have feelings for you but I know you see me only as a friend: boom you're out of my life, as simple as that

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