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I am falling in love with a stripper. I'm married with 2 kids. I'm going through a rough patch, started going to a strip club. And after awhile, I met a stripper that I am connecting with. We've already had sex. The sex was bad, but the friendship is great. I want to stop talking to her, but I'm afraid of what will happen if I lose the relationship because my wife is losing me with her emotional immaturity. But I'm falling in love with a stripper, so maybe we're both immature emotionally. Please don't give input. Please pray for me. I have never been through pain so deep, and I need to buck up fit my kids if there is still time. God have mercy on me.

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  • Some will go to any length to avoid being responsible for their own actions.

  • May God guide you to the right choice, and you know damn well what that is. Also may I say Strippers are mentally damaged people whose literal job is to manipulate weak willed men into falling in love with them. They are NEVER faithful and they talk down about you behind your back. Seriously if I could write a book about their lives and feelings of several strippers I think it would be a million seller.

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