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I find fast food highly disgusting and normally can't eat it or bring myself too but I ended up eating chicken nuggets for dinner last night and felt revolting after words the sugar and salt makes me nauseated and I really just wanted to vomit and ended up not doing it thankfully due to taking a pill afterwards and not wanting it to come up. This morning right when I started brushing my teeth the gagging started uncontrollably weirdly enough fortunately the food was already digested so nothing could come up. Your probably wondering what the confession is... every time I eat something gross like that or too much food I can't help but feel greasy and disgusting and just want it back out of my body hence the reason I don't eat it because I can't bring myself to purge. I'm really hating myself for eating it last night can't even help it. Just like healthier non greasy food. People think I'm a freak when it tell them it feel disgusting after eating certain things. No I'm not a health nut.

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  • You need therapy, it's all in your head. I'm a personal trainer I always eat healthy, but I don't go all mental if I eat fast food

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