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I hate myself for being so sensitive towards gossips. Every time when I heard someone whisper I automatically thinks that person talking shit about eventhough they talks about other things. I also hate it when I ask what are they talking about, they'll say its nothing. It hurts to be sensitive and I feel lonely if I avoid all of them. I think my friends are wolf who's hiding under wolfskin. Its hard to find a trustworthy friend. I surround myself a group of liars.

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  • I had been there, just live your life, do things you enjoy and don't worry about what people talk about.

  • Why would a wolf hide under a wolfskin? You mean sheep skin dear. And I'm telling you this as a grownup in my 30s, acting that way annoys people and drives them away from you, and then they'll gossip about it, try hard on changing your attitude. Good luck

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