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I'm an average guy. Although never been in a serious relationship ( well you could say any relationship). I'm rather shy although I might seem different. Well, anyway, started school. Met a really extraordinary girl ( we go to the same class). We chat all the time and seem to click (even the other people see it) BUT seeing that i'm shy and cautios due to losing a family member when I was young and one a few years back I can't express my feelings. I don't understand if she is interested in me and I'm afraid to ask anything related to that subject. So here I sit not knowing what to do.

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  • Ah, so I found out that she also likes me. I feel great :D

  • Ugh, why must this be so damn difficult for me >:C Might find more out tomorrow when we go out but my brain is making allkinds of bad scenarios for me x.x

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