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I am failing in math. It's so hard, it feels like everyone in my class understands it and I am just sitting there, staring at numbers and letters that makes no sense in my head. I feel like a failure, I have always been good in scholl, had good grades and stuff, but this math kills me. I feel like a failure. People tell me ''no, you won't fail, don't worry''. Bullsh*t, I can feel it, that this is something i just can't do, I will fail this. Can't everybody just let me fail this one time? Cus all the ''suport'' make me feel even worse. My friends and family belive in me and I let them down, it makes me feel horrible.

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  • Thanks for the coments guys, I will try to learn more and go to my counsoler!

  • I've had a math disability for most of my time in school as well and it stopped me from getting to upper classes that had nothing to do with it. I want to be a teacher in my home state and now I have to try and pass a math test to do it. Its super hard and I was 10 points away from getting an 80 percent, so I have to retake it. It's frustrating that it pops up time and again trying to ruin my life. I suggest to you to get a tutor or visit Khan academy online, do as much as you can even though it sucks just to get through it, if you take a break from it and need it for requirements its a lot harder to relearn it.

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