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I hate being in 24+ yrs. old, phase. All my close friends are disappearing one by one having a family, I do have a bf but we are not in a hurry for it, most of them are having a baby or has a baby, and here I am playing games, and enjoying a relationship with my bf, but still I miss the girl bonding which is rare now.

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  • Don't worry, you're 24 years old, is that really already the time to stop your free life by having a baby? Really, why would you stop your free, fun life when you just passed 1/4 of your whole life. Seems like a waste to me! :) Go on and have fun and do what you like.

  • Im 21 and i never see my old best friends...i hate it too id do anything to go back. One got pregnant and she just stopped hanging out with me. The other long story...me and her boyfriend got into a fight, her boyfriend died, she is lesbian and really hardcore into drugs. I just am with my boyfriend who has a kid...but i am not ready for kids for myself..so i keep my distance. I have one new friend hes a guy though pretty funny. Anyways i just agree with you it sucks.

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