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Whatever happened to the days of actually hanging out and getting to have fun with someone. Of not toying with another's emotions through cheating and lying. I am seriously disappointed in my generation. Many need to grow some morals and integrity. Since when did it become so 9th for some guy just to walk up to a girl and say hey let's go to bed and for her to be like ok even though she doesn't know him. The age at which females get pregnant anymore through carelessness is ridiculous. 12 years old really? Yea I know it was like that in the olden days but for some reason I thought we've evolved past that especially if you were being traded by a goat at least then it was in a relationship usually now it's just I have 10 guys who could possibly be my baby daddy. I'm not perfect in anyway shape or form but I can tell you I got disciplined as a kid. If I would have done half of the things and talked to my parents like some people I would have been flat on my ass and it would have been black and blue. Well here's to the people who were actually spanked and disciplined as kids and grew up to have respect, be honest, and have a good head on their shoulders. Keep up the good work because we're fading out slowly. Society will eventually have warning labels on everything because people don't have common sense so keep up the good work to the intelligent ones. I came out great in my childhood because of my parents and having respect and I'll treat my future children the same ways

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  • Will you suck my duck?

  • Proud to be spanked in the ass when I was a kid! And that's how I learned to be discipline.

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