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best day of my life, finally people believe me when i say something is wrong and im not just lazy. i got arthiris in my hand, psoriasis on my scalp, and a eating disorder. only took a few years for my parents to believe me

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  • I've got psoriasis too and have had to deal with an eating disorder in the past so my sympathies go to you entirely. Also to have arthritis as well is horrible. I come from the UK so not sure if you can get this unless you're from here but I want to recommend to you a pretty good product I use called Betnovate scalp solution. As for the eating disorder I gave myself reasons to eat, like if I didn't I wouldn't have a future, a chance to fight for myself. Also good nutrition really does help with physical disorders. A year on I'm now much better physically and mentally, I have a partner, new friends and a job. I know how shit these conditions are socially, mentally and socially but it will get better. As for your parents they sound crap, mine were the same, they owe you an apology. I hope you feel better reading this post and if you're ever thinking nobody cares don't, I care about you, best of luck you deserve it.

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