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I want to have friends. I want to feel like i can say hi to everyone in a room when i walk in on a class. But i can't, i don't know how. Which then puts me in a bad mood and kills any possibility i had.i have made mistakes before and i am judge for them but i really just want to have friends even though i never know what to say. I am trying to keep my bad mood down and be nice but their judgement makes it so hard. No one can teach to make friends. I cry myself to sleep and all i want is friends.

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  • bro that sucks. if It helps I'd be your friend :)

  • "I want to feel like I can say hi to everyone in a room when I walk in on a class". Take it from someone who said hi to everyone in highschool: being popular also has its disadvantages. And sometimes, those disadvantages are bigger that the advantages. I`m happy I`ve moved on from that. I was tired with all the jealousy, envy, drama, gossip and what not. I could not move without everyone finding out everything. Petty people talk. Petty people are frustrated with their lives, so they lash out at your more interesting life. I recommend having a few friends and screwing the others. It`s a lot less drama.

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