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I've been single for almost three years now (i just turned 18) and i tell people it's fun, you can do whatever you want, you get to flirt or even have sex with who you want, no fights, no fear of losing your so, everything is so simple, etc, etc, but the truth is that, even if i don't mind being alone, the problem is more about being lonely. Every guy i could have started a real relationship with rejected me because they don't want anything serious and just wanted me for sex. I act like i'm okay with it, like it's all fun and games, but i just want to be with someone i could fall in love with, it would be worth losing this lonely "freedom", can't stand it anymore, i want someone i could belong with.

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  • Stop offering your pussy on a plate and get to know them before fucking

  • 18, LMAO

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