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My husband is so lazy he never does anything, he makes me get him his food and his drinks and all. I know its my fault but the real reason that I stay?! Because I'm so fat and ugly no one else will love me. I have tried walking to loose weight, tried dieting, tried starving myself and nothing works to make me loose weight. I used to be pretty until Tue guy I'm with put me down every chance he can now why do I even bother anymore?!

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  • Sounds like what my ex use to do with me. Once I kicked him out I lost all my weight and got skinny again. Dont stay with some on who's going to hold you down

  • How fat are you? 300lbs or up? And dont ever talk bad about yourself like that. I am 305lbs and i have a great hardworking boyfriend where everything almost equal. I rarely see him because hes such a hard worker. Anyways...a good friend told me "never settle". Sure you will go through alot meeting other guys but eventually you will land on a winner. Divorce this lazy ass, when your gone he will realize what he is missing. If he constantly puts you down and says stuff like "youll nevet find another guy being so fat". Girl......get your confidence. There is alot of guys out there who love BBW....big beautiful women. So with that being said...there is alot of free dating websites and you will meet a few losers and you will meet "one time onlys" but you just have to stay strong. If i can do it you can too. You know...i actually knew this girl who was in a really long relationship over 5 years and she was pretty chunky..well when her and her ex broke up the weight dropped. She lost about 70lbs. Anyways girl just be strong...pleaseeee be strong. Im a complete stranger and i believe you can do this. I hate when bigger women just give up and go fornthe first guy who shows them love...if that was my case...id be with the guy who took my virginity, supporting him, go through him always cheating and so on. Please trust me...you can do better. This time around you automatically know what to look for. If i could give you any of my contact information i would..but this site wont let me. But i want you to know...BE STRONG, BE SURE, BE CONFIDENT, NEVER SETTLE, put yourself high up on a horse. Look in the mirror and love what you see because sweetie...youre going to be in that body for the rest of your life..better start liking it now.

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