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The fear of death is a beautiful thing. When I was young I hated life. People asked if I thought I was immortal because I was never cautious. The truth is I hoped for death. I prayed for it and yearned for it. I was disappointed when I woke up alive int he morning. Now that I have a wife who loves me and a son who admires me I fear death. I want this life to last forever. For the first time in my life I am afraid of death, and that fear is the most beautiful thing I've ever felt. Don't give up. If you ever feel this feeling, all the pain will have all been worthwhile.

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  • Hoped, prayed, and yearned but couldn't YouTube how to tie a noose to hang yourself? You are what we call in psychology "Whiney brat seeking attention". I'm glad your outlook has improved now that you're a family man.

  • Actually, if more people knew how easy it is to just let go, more people would commit suicide

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