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i'm starting to realize that most of my friends are really pathetic people. just now i was in a bar with my best friend and this woman. we all know each other since school. all past 30 and still single. there's a few couples also but only one is a marriage. goddam i hate feeling like human trash

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  • You know...i felt that last time i hung out with my friends...im the youngest one of the group at 21 and i have a car and decent paying job. My friends are 26, he has a car but cant hold a job, the other is 30 no car, lives with a roomate and only works barely 14 hours a week for crap money. We all went bowling and i was tired and sore and didnt want to play 5 games...the 30year old says "come on lazy bones"....i almost wanted to punch him. I work 35 hours in a deli on concrete floor. He works in a movie theater. It aggervates me to be honest. I dont mind chilling out but sometimes i feel like a bum when im with them.

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