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I think I might have to dump my boyfriend. I love him and he loves me, but aside from this, he`s really jealous and I have troubles with stress and anxiety. My cortisol levels are through the roof and everytime I get angry or upset, my overall health declines. I`ve been fighting with a stubborn, recurrent infection for the past 3 months and being regularly upset is not improving my condition. And I`m regularly upset because my boyfriend is jealous for no reason (no reason from me, at least, though I suspect a trauma in a past relationship, because he`s overly-jealous) and throws tantrums that really upset me. It upsets me when he randomly accuses me of cheating or when he gets mad about my relationships before I met him. Yesterday we were watching a movie and one of the female characters was involved with older men. My boyfriend promptly asked me if I dated older men, I said of course not, and then he got upset because he thought I was lying... I think my boyfriend is bad for my health..

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  • I think he he has trusting issues with u.. but he maybe just really loves u.. try to talk to him and say if he doesn't change he will loose you.. if that doesn't work you have to break up.. but if you do, dont do it like an asshole pls..

  • you kinda should really. that's pretty insane

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