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My girlfriend is really good looking by that I mean she's a professional model, I'm okay but I know I'm not nearly in her league. Still we've been happily together for a long time, however her ex boyfriend moved back into town recently and I'm paranoid. She dumped him and has never gave me any cause for concern or jealousy and is always loving towards me but her ex boyfriend wants to hang out with her and he's really good looking as well. I feel jealous to the point where I'm losing sleep over it, now her ex boyfriend's back all I think about is that my girlfriend gave her virginity to someone else and loved someone else first I just feel awful.

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  • i know the feeling. the other are right be careful but you should also be honest with her, if it borthers you so much you also should talk to her. maybe she can help you, just be polite pls ^^

  • Dont lose her because your worried about him life is too short for that she is obviously with you for non material reasons so dont take that for granted

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