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A few weeks from now, there will be a musical event on my Uni. I hate that kind of events to the core. Why? first, because mostly the people who come there does not know any shit about music. Second, that kind of event is against my idea and view. I consider that particular event as a waste and crappy hedonistic stuff. Third, because that event is considered "elegant" and "fancy" , I know that the people who will come there is those phonies (Holden Caulfield Mode ON) and the last one is I hate the musician in the gig. But I got a problem! My GF wants me to come and accompany her to that particular event! What should I do?

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  • I married a woman who likes Nickelback. Do you understand how much I sacrifice for love? Deal with it.

  • Quit whining like a little bitch and take her

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