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I need to hear real stories about people that had great success in life to be motivated to change my not so great life. Any achievers here?

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  • I got into university and my mother never had tjis chance, i chose to practice my religion even if my parents were against. I did a hard and diifficult job. It s up to you to define success, is it money education love? Me its all but one step at the time I have this vision and by god and with great efforts I ll achieve it.

  • I remembered that my best friend in life never had to tell me how good I was or how smart, just by the way they treated me kept me going. They were the ones that keep me motivated to keep going when I feel like I couldn't do something anymore. You'll always work to achieve something, just remember to hold onto the people who make you want to be better or do better. Have hope that'll you can get there. Good luck

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