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After two years of liking a girl, I sent her a piece of paper which I previously glued to a light post, via her friend, saying "I love you". She gave me lots of signs or chances after that but I was too shy. It's been five years altogether now and I still very much like her, and no other girl compares to her.

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  • OP here. She/he is right, it is pathetic, be it a bad or good thing. It's not a secret though, but I still wanted to share it with the internet, which is almost never a good idea hahah

  • I don't know how i can help u.. but if you wait too long maybe she won't be there to wait for you oneday ... then you will hate yourself and be very sad.. if u don't "risk" something you can't win.. thats how it is in life..every guy has problems like this but if u dont get over them you will never really feel love ..

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