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I'm gonna break up with my girlfriend, for 8 months I ate all the shit she said because whenever I wanted to say something against her opinion she would get extremely mad and sometimes she threatened me with the break up. I'm gonna go to her opera play tomorrow and after she's done I'm gonna give her a bouquet of roses with a note inside where I will write how much I love her but it seems she can find better love, although I was there for her everytime, I loved her and accepted her the way she is. I hope she will never go through what I'm going now, I don't wish this kind of pain to anyone, not even to my worst enemies. I don't want to leave her, she's everything to me, but I just have to. I can't let anyone play with my feelings any longer.

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  • try to be strong and break up, obiously all the pain you suffer is created by her. do you really want to spent years or a lifetime with those feelings? thinking every time she is not there she could find someone better, or just give up on all you be just because she say so? that is no real relationship. thats just a one sided love... she wouldnt say something if she really wants to be with you. sorry bro

  • This is very important. She might beg you and then promise she will change. Do not believe that because next time it would be damn hard to break up. I am telling this as a married person to that kind of woman who promised that lie.

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