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A couple of days ago, my boyfriend told me he was planning on going on a trip with his scouting group at the end of the year. It would have beem fine with me, were it not for the fact that he told me he wanted to go on a trip with me a year ago already. We couldn't do that previous summer holidays due to his parents wanting to take him along one last time and never arranging things until the last moment, and while he remained very excited about the idea throughout those holidays, at the beginning of the schoolyear he told me we could better not do it, saving the money for our studies, which we will both be starting next year. He thinks I'm over reacting while I've quite calmly told him that ifhe were to do that, I would be very sad and would probably not want to see him for a while. Is it really that weird to be upset over something like this? Because I feel that he just doesn't think I'm worth the money. Otherwise, why would he have a problem spending the money with me, but not with someone else?

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  • you are clearly overreacting. he is just smart and know you both will need the money for your future.

  • Grow up girl. He fucked you and now he wants to leave you. He is not your SO

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