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I find a guy attractive, but I don't really likw him. He's a package, works with Search and Rescue, a firefighter, and a diver. He is not ugly either, but he only dates white girls (so SO racist.) That's kinda a deal breaker, since I'm half white and half Indian. (Parent from India) It's a bit frustrating to see a guy so nice, fun, but raised wrong. He constantly talks to me about how he can't find the perfect girl either. Maybe he shouldn't be so racist and he'd have a LOT more options.

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  • Ever think maybe he just prefers white girls? I would never date a black or Mexican... It's just preference. And with the way every one cries racist at everything I find that most people are not, they just call ghetto when they see it.

  • maybe he just finds white chicks attractive..that's not racist at all,u shit. just a preference. stop thinking everything that people like/not like is racist.

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