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Hey, I have made a big decision and I want to put it out there in the universe so I can keep to it...so I have has a couple of guys interested in being with me, and I have never had a boyfriend or anything (im 21)...before them I planed to save myself for marriage, but when I got the opportunity I have to be honest I felt tempted...but i really thought about, and after a lot of thought I have decided that I am going to save my virginity till marriage. Although I was tempted and confused I am glad this happened cause now I am waiting because I want to not because my parents said I should or religion says I should...I am happy its my choice. But this also means that I will be expecting a lot from my husband...he better be worth it.

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  • I think it's great. But.. your first time hurts, and it's uncomfortable. Is that what you want to Remember with your husband??

  • The fact that you want to save yourself for marriage doesn't mean you are more valuable or something. It's your personality that makes you worth marrying for. If everything that defines you is your virginity, then Im sorry for you. And Don't expect too much from your husband: he will have his own faults.

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