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I hate my mom, she abandoned me when i was like 8 years old..than she contacted me when i was 20yo. Now we see each other once or twice a month, the truth is i can't look at her how much i hate her for leaving me when I needed her the most.. For the last 6 years I don't think of her in the way that she was ever my mom..now she is just a sweet lady who buys me lunch..

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  • I understand your pain my mother did the same thing to my siblings and myself when I was 8. (Im 21) She finally contacted us when we were pretty much all of age. It hurts to look back and see how badly we were hurt, but in my eyes she hurts more than I could ever hurt. Knowing she left us , and we know call somebody else mom. She visits us every once in while , although I think she is trying to buy lost time.Truth be told maybe we didn't need her , we all turned out pretty well and I bet you did too. :)

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