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I feel like my boyfriend doesnt like me anymore because im always right about his daughter. He lets her do real stupid things or just doesnt think about details. We were going to take her to the park and it was fairly cold like 50 degrees and a kid her age (2) should wear a jacket. I suggested it and he seemed to get mad. I smelled shit and i suggested he change her diaper..he said were only 5 mins away from home. He had a mess to clean when he got home..it was gross. Her legs hang way over the footbar in her high chair and i suggest a booster seat at the table but apparently im crazy. Attempting to potty train i said in mornings take her straight to the bath room with her potty, you sit on the toilet showing her thats how to go potty. But it seems to make sense to have the potty in the living room where she is mistaking it as a random toy to throw. Plus they live nasty so if she does potty it will sit there. Im apparently crazy. She engorged herself with food to the point where she throws up..i told him he should probably really watch what she eats and quit letting her have a whole bag of marshmellows and letting her vomit on the table, but apparently i dont know what im talking about. 10pm is way to late for a 2 year old to be going to bed but apparently im controlling. i hate to admit it but hes a bad parent..he tries the best he can, but he doesnt realize the age milestones, eating habits, sleeping habits, dressing habits....he doesnt realize alot of things. He really is too focused on "the fun part" he forgets the parts that actually matter like disapline, health, and education. Call me crazy but its aggervating im really starting to feel bad for that kid.

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  • Talk to him in private. Leave the kid with somebody and talk to him heart to heart. You have to show that you are committed to him and his family. For now it looks like you are just an outsider. In his mind it's like it's him and his daughter. Maybe you didnt do enough to show him that you are a part of the family. Praise him when he's done good things. Dont be the one who only sees what he's goong wrong. And Take initiative. Tell him " can I dress the kid?", "can I train her potty my way, please?". If you've already done that: well, I dont know what to say.

  • Leave him, based on what you said, I just can't think of anymore words to say.

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