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I live in on-campus accommodation with 8 roommates. One of my super shy roommates, who I consider a close friend, confessed to me last night that he wants to lose his virginity before he graduates this year. He says he wants to lose it with me. But he knows I've been seeing someone for six months now who means so much to me. But I also feel that my friend should have his wish before he goes, and at least I know I can make it a experience for him. What should I do?

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  • Talk to your partner about the request: maybe he'll have an idea how to handle it.

  • I don't know how close you are with that other person, since in my country we only have either 'being together' as in a relationship or not. There is no 'dating' or 'seeing someone'. Besides that it's not necessarily cheating having sex with another person, while being together with someone, as long as that someone knows about it and is okay with it. I once got a hallpass from my significant other and it did took one or two talks before and right after it. But He doesn't feel like I cheated, nor do I think that I cheated. I would give him a hallpass myself, also because we are now countries apart from each other, and I know how hard it is to control my own sexual desires. And yet, I am sure about to marry him one day. The most important thing is just honesty and how You can live with Your own decisions.

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